How to Blur on Capcut? | Step-by-Step Guide

Blur on Capcut - Step by step guide

Using a video editor with all the features you need to make your video unique is essential. Capcut has all the functions you need to make your videos Catchy. You may blur a video easily if you know how to use Capcut. You can learn to blur your video using our guide if you are new.

We show you how to blur on Capcut for stunning videos. Capcut has some incredible features, including text addition, slow-motion and velocity editing. Capcut’s mod app allows us to blur videos or pictures for free. How? How do you blur faces, backgrounds, and text in Capcut PC? Let’s go to the main topic.

Why Use Blur On Capcut?

We can blur out everything behind a specific object to draw the audience’s focus. This technique captures the viewer’s attention and makes the video appear more Catchy. You’ll only make another video if you use this technique once you try it.

This post will cover different ways to apply the blur effect on Capcut templates.

How to Blur a Whole Video On Capcut?

Capcut blur feature will take your video editing to the next step. Make short videos with blurred effects added to them instead of long promotional videos. This will highlight your main goal and create suspense in the audience.

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Capcut. Download the latest version if you have an old version of Capcut.

Follow these steps to get started for the Blur on Capcut:

  • Get the app
  • Create a new project
  • Select the video that you wish to blur in Capcut
  • Click on the Effects menu.
  • Click on the “Basic Option”
  • Find the blurred effect
  • Apply the blur effect to your video by clicking on it.
  • You can adjust the duration of blur effects
  • You’re done!

How to Blur the Video Background on Capcut?

Capcut can make it challenging to blur only the background if you are unfamiliar with its features. Capcut allows you to blur on Capcut differently, including vertical blur or chrome blur. By following the steps below, we can blur the background of an image or animation. Let’s jump right to the point: blur the background of a video on Capcut.

Here is how to blur on Capcut the background in your video:

  • You can find the Format menu at the bottom.
  • Choose the video format size.
  • Click the Back button.
  • Open the canvas menu by clicking on the Format menu you used previously.
  • Click on the Blur option
  • Select the blur effect that suits your taste
  • Your video background is now blurred
  • That’s it!

Blur on Capcut a Certain Part of a Video:

Some videos have great content, but we may want to show only some parts of the video. Blurring some parts of your video can improve its quality. This section will show you how to blur certain aspects of a video.

  • Open the overlay menu.
  • Click to Add an Overlay
  • Add the same video that is the leading video
  • Resize the overlay to the same size as the primary video
  • Go back
  • Add blur effect
  • Click on the Object Button
  • Use the blur effect of the top video on the overlay video
  • Open the overlay menu
  • Click on the mask button and retape the video on the timeline.
  • Select one of the mask shapes
  • Position and shape can be adjusted
  • Blur the object
  • Set the blur level
  • Use a keyframe if the blurred object moves

How To Add A Keyframe In Blur Video

  • Use the button with the plus icon on the right, the third from the bottom.
  • Drag the timeline so that the object to blur appears.
  • Add multiple keyframes.
  • Reopen the mask menu and adjust the blur position to cover the thing.
  • Replay the video until it ends.
  • You’re done!
  • Watch the video to see the results.


As you can see, using the Capcut app is very simple. You can blur a photo, a part of a video, a background or an entire video. Even beginners can create a great video with this simple method. Follow these simple steps to create a catchy and stunning video.

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