How do you make Slow Motion on Capcut? Step-by-Step Guide

Slow Motion on Capcut - Make stunning videos with the help of Capcut

Do you want to create Slow Motion on capcut? Have you created a suspenseful movie for your audience? CapCut offers a feature called slow motion.

Slow motion is an editing technique in which the speed of video is reduced and its duration increased. CapCut’s free video editing software allows you to create attractive slow-motion videos. This can increase your art and content popularity. So, we will describe how to create Slow Motion edits on Capcut.

What is Capcut Mod Apk?

Capcut is a famous video editor. You can download this app from our website. If you are a creator and looking for a stunning video editor, Capcut is the best option. Because it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Capcut has many transitions, music, and effects to make a good and eye-catching video for your audience. You can create videos for your social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

How to Make Slow Motion On Capcut

Here are some instructions on editing or creating slow motion on capcut.

  • Open CapCut and create a brand new project.
  • CapCut will allow you to edit the video by clicking the video.
  • Then, click the speed button at the bottom.
  • Select ‘normal’, and then set the speed to 0.6x.
  • Splitting the video is a great way to remove unwanted parts.
  • Save the video in your gallery after you’re happy with your edits.
  • Create a project and import the slow-motion videos you edited or exported.
  • Click on the video.
  • Click on the speed-up button.
  • Choose the ‘curve option’.
  • Select ‘custom’ to create your own curve.
  • You can add beats by adding more dots and moving the cursor to the fill line.
  • Move two dots up and down.
  • Move the same curve to the other side of the line.
  • Keep the curve high, or your video will lag.
  • Lower dots represent slow motion, and the upper dots fast motion.
  • Add 8 dots to the curve to get the desired effect.
  • You’ll get the results if you follow this method.
  • However, you can adjust your video’s speed by moving up or down the dots.
  • After you are happy with your edits, save the video in your gallery.

How to create a flashy slow-motion on Capcut

This method is designed for people who want to include white flash transitions. White flash is used in our video in order to combine the two videos into one frame. White flash can be achieved when the videos are within the frame.

Slow motion transitions with white flash have become popular, particularly on. CapCut has premium features that allow users to create free slow-motion videos. CapCut APK has slow-motion editing, while most popular video editing apps do not.

If you already know the basics about slow motion on CapCut, it’s easy to make one.

  • Create a brand new project.
  • Select up to two videos or photos.
  • Cut or remove unnecessary sections of the video.
  • Open the Transition Menu
  • Choose the “Basic transition.”
  • The white flash transition can be found by clicking on it.
  • Now, Set the duration for the flash.
  • You can apply this transition directly to any section.
  • Apply the transitions to the video.
  • Done!


How To Do Slow Mo on Capcut. We have explained everything you need to know about making slow motion videos. Capcut is currently the only app to offer free slow-motion video editing. I have enjoyed using this app. I recommend you use this app to edit your videos or create projects. It is full of features. Now that we have finished ask any questions in the comment section. Enjoy creating your slow motion on Capcut.

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