How to use Capcut Mod Apk Fonts for Catchy Video in 2023?

CapCut fonts help create impactful videos to convey your message effectively. CapCut offers a variety of fonts, each unique and customizable. Users can create visually appealing content with CapCut. CapCut provides a wide range of fonts to help you take your videos from good to great.

Here we learn how to use Capcut mod Apk fonts. Fonts play a vital role in video customization and editing. For a professionally produced video, use fonts that are easy to read and enhance the beauty of your video. We will present to you in this review the various text fonts on CapCut Mod Apk.

Capcut CapCut Mod Apk Popular Fonts for Impressive Video Editing

Here is a list that I have compiled of Capcut CapCut Mod Apk fonts you can use for editing to give your videos and images more meaning. Take a look.

1. Typer

Typer font is used in many projects.

2. Modern

Modern is another type of font people love to use for their videos.

3. Asmatic SC

Using an asthmatic sc typeface will make Your content more attractive and pleasant.

4. Post-Modern

This font is used to introduce content or start a video.

5. Nunito

It’s perfect for videos but can also be used in other content, such as introductions.

6. Bahiana

Bahiana font is the most popular font used by Capcut users.

7. Barlow

The Barlow font is low contrast but can add a unique touch to your content.

8. Signeton
This font is unique because it is used to design logos, book covers, magazine covers, stationery, typography, and, most importantly, signatures.

9. Letter
It is also an excellent choice for typography.

10. Vogue
Vogue is a font designed for Vogue magazine. The font has an elegant, fancy serif style. It is often used to create logos, magazine headlines, and other magazines.

Capcut Mod Apk

How to Import Aesthetic Fonts on Capcut CapCut Mod Apk?

  • You need first to open your web browser.
  • Then, you can search for Da Fonts.
  • Click on the website that appears at the top of your search results.
  • Select your fonts.
  • Download them by clicking on the links.
  • Go to the downloads in your file manager.
  • Download the font files and convert them to OTF or TTF.
  • CapCut will ask you to re-enter the fonts once they’ve been extracted.
  • Create a new project, and then add the video you wish to edit.
  • Add text by clicking on the “text” button.
  • Click on “Import Text,” then tap on the plus symbol.
  • Choose the font you wish to use.
  • You have successfully added your file.
  • Change the font’s color, size, and style.
  • This method allows you to add any font.

How to change the font size in Capcut?

Many people have a basic knowledge of fonts but need to learn how to customize them. The right font size and style can enhance the quality of your video, whereas poor font selections can detract from it. You will learn how to change the font size and customize your text using the best capcut or custom fonts. Let’s get started.

  • Click the text button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose a template for your text.
  • Click “Add Text” to add your text.
  • Enter the desired text.
  • The text can be moved around on the screen.
  • Choose a font below.
  • Select a color from the list of available colors for your text.
  • Click and drag your cursor or finger to adjust the text size.

You can customize your text with cute Capcut CapCut Mod Apk fonts available for free. Your videos will look even better. Change the font, color, and size of the text in Capcut by following the steps above.

The Best Websites to Download Aesthetic fonts

What is a font? How can we customize it? Can we change its color and size? Now the question is where to get Fonts. What sites offer a large number of fonts that are free? Let me tell you about the 3 best places to download fonts for free. Download all CapCut Fonts and unleash your creative potential!


Fontspace offers 70,000+ fonts. This is the perfect quantity for any designer. These fonts can be used for projects or personal use. You can, for example, use these fonts to create a professional-looking logo. Download any font you like or trending to use in your Instagram posts, TikTok Videos, Capcut, and other personal uses. You will need a license to use these fonts for a YouTube channel or in movies. Fontspace will not allow you to use the fonts on your YouTube channel or in films without a license.

1001 Fonts for Free:

You can download fonts from this site. Search for fonts by alphabet or category. You only need to select the type of fonts and download them.


This is a website that allows you to use any typeface. Fonts do not require a license. These fonts can be used for both personal and professional projects.


This is about CapCut Mod Apk Fonts. You can download fonts for free from the websites mentioned above. Import them into CapCut and make your project look more appealing. Customize fonts in your videos, and you will get thousands of views.

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